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3.2m A-frame Hinged Folding Portable telescopic ladder

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TRA's 3.2m AFRAME telescopic ladder is constructed of durable aluminium alloy with a safe working load limit of 150kg, thus making it sturdy and tough enough to withstand the even most demanding jobs. TRA's telescopic ladder has 10 rungs in total (5 + 5), all opening & closing individually in increments of 30cm allowing you to set it at various heights to suit the task at hand. Collapsing down to 87cm & weighing 14kg this telescopic ladder is easy to transport.


Lightweight aluminium design

Compacts to 87cm

Extends to 320cm

Dual stabilising feet

Velcro storage straps

Number of Ladder Step: 10 RUNGS TOTAL (5 + 5)

Step Interval: 30cm

Net Weight: about 14kg

Max. Load: 150kg

Package Size: 87cm x 53cm x 20cm

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