Caravan Ladders Australia

Caravan Ladders Australia

Buy Caravan Ladders in Australia by Shopping with TRA

Every RV owner should travel with a portable caravan ladder onboard. From maintenance to cleaning and beyond, a ladder is a must-have tool for reaching every last centimetre of your RV’s exterior. At TRA, we make shopping for RV ladders easy, with one of the best selections of caravan ladders in Australia.

The Importance of Folding Ladders for Caravans

Why is it so important to have a collapsible step ladder onboard when you are travelling around in your RV? Here are a few big reasons:

  • Attached ladders may not be safe: It used to be that all RV manufacturers incorporated exterior ladders into the designs of their caravans. Not so long ago, though, a caravan owner was using one of these ladders and suffered a bad fall when it suddenly broke off. Since that incident—and the lawsuit that followed—RV owners have been less trusting of attached ladders, and most manufacturers have even stopped including them.
  • Having a ladder makes it easy to maintain your RV: Having a portable step ladder gives you access to any part of your caravan for cleaning, care and maintenance. Hard-to-reach spots suddenly become accessible with the right ladder.
  • Your ladder gives you access to the roof of your unit: Perhaps you need to install a new hatch on the roof of your caravan, or maybe you just want to sit on the top to watch a firework show. Either way, if you need to get on the roof of your unit, a ladder is your best bet.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Caravan Ladders

If you are shopping for a new caravan ladder, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Thinking all caravan ladders are the same: At TRA, our ladders fall into two basic categories. The first category is the box ladder, which is the standard A frame style step ladder you’d see on the shelf at Bunnings, but it collapses into a stick to fit in your tunnel boot or pole carrier. The second category is the telescopic ladder, which compacts down to under 1 metre in length but needs to lean against the caravan. Look at both options and decide which one you like, based on considerations like storage space and your comfort using the ladder in question.
  • Not paying attention to height: Not all caravans have the same dimensions, and neither do ladders. As you are shopping, make sure you get a ladder tall enough to reach the top of your caravan.
  • Not thinking about emergency exits: A squeeze box ladder tends to be the go-to option for exterior caravan maintenance. However, it can still be smart to have a telescopic ladder onboard as well, as an option for emergency exit. If a fire or some other emergency strikes on your caravan and you can’t exit through the main door, you will need to go through a window or roof hatch and then get down to the ground. A telescopic ladder is easy to deploy in one of these situations and might save you from a long drop to the ground.

About TRA

At TRA, we pride ourselves on stocking the very best caravan accessories spanning numerous categories. From fans to RV steps to ladders, we can help you find whatever you need to make your caravan experience safer and more well-rounded. Contact us today for help finding the right ladder for your RV.