Caravan Awning Privacy Screen

Caravan Awning Privacy Screen

A Caravan Awning Privacy Screen Offers Protection from the Sun

While you’re looking forward to your camping trip or weekend at the beach, consider taking along a caravan awning privacy screen that can provide you with much-needed relief from the sun while still allowing you to stay outdoors. TRA carries multiple sizes of privacy screens that offer protection from the sun and a bit of privacy plus some relief from the wind. With simple setup and compact storage, adding a privacy screen to your trip is easy.

Benefits of a Caravan Privacy Screen from TRA in Australia

An awning on your caravan provides shade whenever you are taking a break from hiking or swimming. Depending on how your caravan is situated, built-in features like awnings might not provide enough shade all the time, especially as the sun is setting. Here are three privacy screen benefits:

  • Adding a privacy screen to your awning offers additional protection from the sun by creating vertical shade to add to the overhead shade provided by your awning.
  • Add an end wall to create an outdoor room to your campsite, protecting outdoor furnishings and coolers from sun and wind.
  • An awning privacy screen is easy to set up and packs away neatly at the end of the trip so you can have the protection and privacy you need in a compact package.

What You Can Expect from TRA Regarding RV Privacy Screens

We import only top-quality products to help you accessorise your RV so you can enjoy all the benefits your RV has to offer while you’re out exploring or relaxing. Screens come with a carry bag, guy ropes, and steel zine-plated pegs to store neatly. A few other considerations:

  • Our privacy screens have a 95% shade rating to protect you from damaging elements of the sun. Our screens also provide a little break from heavy winds so loose items stored behind it will stay put.
  • We have a wide range of sizes to fit your awning so you can have the additional shade and privacy you need for a comfortable experience while on holiday.
  • Our screens provide you with the privacy to change out of wet or muddy clothing without making a mess inside your RV or caravan, protecting you from prying eyes.

Why You Should Buy From TRA

We can have your privacy screen shipped out to you today if you order before 3:00pm QLD time. Our products come with a one-year warranty and 60-day hassle-free return. We offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. We carry a full line of RV accessories to make your adventure more comfortable with little effort on your part.

Check out our selection of privacy screens and other products designed specifically for RVs and caravans. Add a portable clothesline to dry wet swimsuits and towels or LED awning lights to party into the night. Contact our helpful staff for more information about our wide range of RV accessories to make your next trip more enjoyable.