The finest in cabin comfort! The all new Sirocco II cabin fan is made in Canada and features a unique gimbaled design that allows 360o airflow with versatile 12/24 Volt auto-sensing capability. The improved control layout, increased timer settings and quieter operation make the Sirocco II the perfect choice for cruising in comfort.

  • Features
    • Gimbaled design
    • 12/24 Volt Auto-sensing capability
    • Improved switch control layout
    • Three Speeds
    • Four preset timer settings (3/6/9 or 12 hours)
    • Ultra quiet long-life motor with low power draw
    • Mounting footprint matches first generation Sirocco
    • Space friendly design
    • Made in Canada
    • 2 Year Warranty
    • RMC & EMC compliant
  • Benefits
    • Complete 360° directional airflow
    • Works on all types of boats
    • Easy access
    • Controlled performance
    • Saves the boat’s battery
    • Ultra quiet comfort that is also battery friendly
    • Convenient to upgrade for existing Sirocco users
    • Allows the fan to be folded flat against the bulkhead when not in use
    • Easy to install
Model Number(s) 7010CAWBX
Colour Black, White
Power Supply 12v, 12v/24v, 24v
Mounting Option Fixed
Product Dimensions 3.5″(l) x 9.5″(w) x 12″(h) in
Product Weight 2.7 lbs
Single Package Dimensions 5.5″(l) x 10.5″(w) x 13″(h) in
Product Weight 2.7 lbs
Master Carton Quantity 4
Master Carton Dimensions 22″(l) x 11.75″(w) x 14.5″(h) in
Master Carton Weight 2.7 lbs
Retail Package Full Colour Box
Warranty 2 Years
UPC Code(s) 7010CAWBX


Caframo Sirocco Fan

Stay Cool Wherever You Go with a Caframo Sirocco Fan

Few caravan cooling options are as trusted and versatile as a Caframo Sirocco fan.Designed with longevity in mind, its ultra-low power draw offers long operating hours with a minimal impact on your battery systems. At TRA, we make it easy to acquire the interior and exterior cooling accessories to make your next holiday more comfortable.

Getting the Most Value Out of Sirocco Fans in Australia

What is important to keep in mind as you consider purchasing a fan to mount permanently in your cabin? To make the most of your investment, consider the following:

  • Consider placement carefully. While one of the key benefits to the Sirocco II fan is its ability to providing a cooling flow of air in 360 degrees, that doesn’t mean any location will be ideal. Take care to consider where to the install the fan to allow its gimbaled design to work most effectively for those in the cabin.
  • Use the availability of the latest equipment as an opportunity to upgrade while saving money. The redesigned next-generation Sirocco II uses the same mounting footprint as the first iteration. Simply remove the old fan and place the new one on the same base to save time, hassle and some cash.
  • Use the fan’s built-in timers to provide cooling only when you need it, without draining unnecessary power from your caravan’s batteries.

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Considering a Sirocco Fan Online

There are many choices on the market for caravan cooling, and it makes sense to consider all your options. However, take care to avoid some of the most typical pitfalls shoppers encounter:

  • Consider operational noise as you look through the many fans available across the web. One of the key advantages to Caframo fans, such as the Sirocco, is its whisper-quiet functionality. Enjoy the sounds of nature, not the loud droning of your fans.
  • Don’t miss out on important and useful features such as automatic voltage sensing. Avoiding damage to your equipment and guaranteeing proper operation no longer means paying constant attention to switches and settings.
  • Ensure you have an appropriate space to place your new fan before purchase. While this model features an innovative space-saving design, you will still need an appropriate point to install the mounting base. Use the product page specifications to make helpful measurements.

Diligent research is important whenever you consider modifications to your recreational vehicle. A close look at the features of the Sirocco will reveal its suitability for your applications.

About TRA

At TRA, we’ve dedicated our efforts to providing Australian RV owners with better access to leading accessories without compromising on affordability for half a decade. In that time, we’ve learned valuable lessons about what our customers need — such as the assurance that the product they want is in fact in stock. Through our dedicated efforts to maintain robust inventory levels and our in-depth warehouse tracking systems, we do more than deliver confidence in our stock levels. We also dispatch orders the same day you place them. Reliability and quality are the hallmarks of our service.

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